Tips for Buying an Air Fryer Most air fryers work with the same basic technology and hence have very similar functionality. All air fryers make use of hot air circulation for cooking food, so there is barely a difference among them when it comes to the designs. However, there are tons of options of these appliances in the market today. If you intend to purchase an air fryer, these are key questions that can guide you to a smart buy: How big is your countertop?
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Ensure there is enough space for storing and cooking with the air fryer.
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What’s the wattage allowance for your kitchen outlets? It is important as well that your kitchen outlets are able to support a standard air fryer’s wattage requirement, which can range from 800 to 1400 watts. How much and what type of food do you plan to cook with the air fryer? Knowing the amount as well as types of food you will be cooking, is important when choosing an air fryer. Regular air fryers can cook between 1.8 and 2.5 pounds of food, which is great for general daily cooking. However, if you plan to cook a whole chicken or a turkey in the air fryer, you’ll need a bigger than standard capacity. What control level and features will be useful to you? Knowing what settings are available on the air fryer can help you make a wiser decision. Air fryers can mostly reach temperatures up to 360 degrees and come with timers that make cooking simpler. But depending on the brand and model, they may not get as hot as they have to be for the type of food being cooked. With some air fryers, you can cook two food items separately at once. Other Considerations Air fryers often cost more than $200, but they are pretty economical as mini fryers. Obviously, they are very useful to fried food lovers. If you like some variety, you’ll happy to know that these appliances come in a variety of colors too. Because it simplifies the food-frying process, an air fryer can be valuable to you and your family. Compared to oil frying, air frying significantly reduces prep, cooking and cleanup time altogether. Additionally, air fryers provide the extra benefit of making fried food healthier. Of course, some foods are not only great when fried, but also when baked. Baking does not usually give food the same texture that frying does, but if it doesn’t make the food less palatable, you may want to go ahead with it. And here’s what: air fryers can also bake, grill and roast! Now that’s flexibility you don’t often get in your kitchen.