A relationship isn’t supposed to be easy all the time; hiccups and mistakes happen. However, being with a guy or gal just because they’re hot or because they’re rich, well, that’s just asking for disaster. Then there are times when folks think they are ready for a relationship and it ends up being bad timing for one reason or another. Fully committing to a relationship isn’t about being right all the time or being wealthy or being the best lover; it’s about being happy and making the other person happy. If you can’t do this, then you’re not ready. Here are some other relationship killers to be aware of.

Comparing your current lover with your ex

Yes, it’s possible that your last ex was more romantic than your current boyfriend/girlfriend. Yes, it’s also possible that your first love cooked better than the one you have now. Yes, it may also be true that your gal or guy is less comedic than the last. But is it really useful to dwell on the past when you are supposed to love the person you’re with? No.

To think that your happiness depends, above all, on him/her

Were you happy without a boyfriend/girlfriend? Yes. Did you roll in a ball at the bottom of the bedroom closet and start rocking back and forth? No (hopefully). Even if the other person makes you happy, they should clearly never be the only thing in your life that makes you happy. People have the right to be human, so why should one person get upset and lash out when the other person has a bad day? If a relationship is going to work, both parties have to give it their all. They must be understanding and realize that bad days will happen.

Not trusting enough

It’s okay if a person was deceived by their guy/gal. Most people have been there and went through all that, but does your boyfriend/girlfriend deserve to see you mad when they start talking about an ex or another person? Sometimes a person’s own struggles can affect their relationship, whether they realize it or not.