There are quite a few things people purchase that require quite a bit of research ahead of time. A car, new refrigerator and even a new computer. One item that is not researched as thoroughly – but should be – is a person’s mattress. Unfortunately, the wrong mattress can lead to a number of issues, including inadequate sleep, pain, and other problems. There is some good news. With a few tips, buying the right mattress is actually quite easy.

Learn about Options First

No two mattresses are created equal. Every brand uses a unique design, different materials and other features that make certain mattresses more comfortable or more supportive than others. Before someone goes to the store searching for a new mattress, they need to learn about the brands, styles, and options available. This will help them narrow down what they are looking for before entering a store.

Speak with a Doctor

If someone purchasing a mattress has some type of health condition, they should speak to their physical therapist or doctor about what type of mattress they recommend. Remember, doctors aren’t mattress experts, but they will know about a person’s medical condition and any symptoms they may have. As a result, they can provide advice regarding what type of mattress a person should purchase.

Be Aware of Gimmicks

Many mattress sellers are going to label mattresses as being “medically approved” or “orthopedic” but there is no actual medical organization that provides an official certification for mattresses to use these labels. While there are some that may have orthopedic friendly features, there is no verification from a medical group.

Try Out the Mattress

When a person is shopping for a mattress, they should try to lie down on it for about 10 to 15 minutes. This is normal and sales people won’t try to rush them out of the store. It is important to get a feel for the mattress and this takes more than just a few seconds.

Finding the right mattress is extremely beneficial. It can help prevent pain and other issues that subpar mattresses may cause. Keep in mind, those in search of the perfect mattress can always find new information online.