The residential property owners have tried everything they can think of besides setting up traps or getting out the shotgun, but the skunks keep coming back. It’s normal to be worried about this situation, since skunks spray an oily secretion with a disgusting odor when they feel threatened. They also are high-risk animals for carrying rabies. The best solution is to call a pest control service that includes skunks among the animals it safely removes from properties.

Skunk Presence

Sometimes skunks simply wander through the yard infrequently or just one time, traveling from one place to another. In other cases, they take up residence in a wooded area nearby or even on the residential property. A skunk might burrow under a deck or an outbuilding, for instance, and prepare to have a litter of babies. Although many people think skunks look cute, these people definitely don’t want these wild animals spending any time in the yard or under their buildings.

Individual Trapping Not Recommended

There are property owners who are willing to trap and move other animals to a different location, including squirrels, chipmunks and possums. This activity is generally not recommended, and in some places, it is prohibited by law. Most individuals are too nervous to trap and move skunks, however. They know there’s a risk of getting sprayed or having the animal release the spray in the vehicle. They also worry that they might get bitten upon attempting to release the skunk in the new location.

A Scent But No Skunk

Sometimes the pest control customers haven’t actually seen the critters anywhere on the property, but they smell that bothersome odor occasionally. Pest control technicians can investigate and confirm whether there is significant skunk activity happening on the lot or if the animals appear to just have been passing through. Often, the scent has traveled for a long distance and there is no other sign of a skunk to be found.

Preventive Measures

After removal of the wildlife by Animal Control Specialists, Inc., the technicians can implement preventive measures and provide suggestions to the customers. Certain types of fencing may be advisable to block areas where the animals like to burrow, for example.