Hackers are targeting small businesses because it is easy to do. It is the sad and disappointing truth of a world where e-commerce dominates, the web is everything, and SEO is a full-fledged component of business development. Everything seems to exist digitally, which means everything is vulnerable to savvy hackers.

What can a small business do about it? Unfortunately, small businesses have fewer resources compared to their large-scale corporate counterparts. Upstarts have enough obstacles. Adding security is just another notch to include in early business development.

The above realities push small business leaders towards antivirus software. Software is easy to implement and many providers offer a fully-realized security system. But, is antivirus enough to thwart hackers at the front door?

The Door-Lock Philosophy

If a thief is scouring the neighborhood, he wants to find the least invasive way to steal possible. If he walks up to the front door, and it is locked, he may turn away just like that. Is the home well-protected? Perhaps it has nothing but a locked door. Perhaps the windows are open upstairs and it is actually quite vulnerable. The point is that the thief is deterred by the simple locking of the door. Antivirus can be breached. But, its very existence makes that breach a necessity, and possibly a cumbersome and annoying one. It could be enough to deter a hack right there and encourage him to head to a different place. There is always an open door somewhere, especially in the startup space.

Working with Few Resources

Is antivirus enough to stop a hacker? Maybe. Maybe not. It certainly helps diminish the vulnerabilities by proactively scanning systems and watching for hacks. It could be enough to steer a hacker in a different direction. For a small business, that is all one can ask for now. It may not be enough to push them out forever, but small business leaders need to protect their assets while also keeping their resources intact. Exhausting themselves for protection could result in a business where too much attention is spent in the wrong direction. It is a delicate and tough balance to achieve. How much protection is too much?