Here Are Some Of The Basics Of Reformed Christian Clothing The teachings on reformed Christian clothing are awash. There are at times confusions attached to some of teachings we may receive on the clothing one can adopt for a reformed Christian cloth wear. The focus of this article is an attempt at shedding some light on the ideal teachings on the appropriate reformed Christian clothing. Principally we must note that our choice for Christian clothing to meet a reformed lifestyle should be based on the principles of simplicity, modesty, practicality, health and attractiveness. Let us break these into bits for an explanation to avoid any misconception of the precepts. Simplicity. The general lifestyle call to a Christian is an appeal to adopt a simple lifestyle. The Christian mode of dressing is covered even in this noble call to simplicity. A reformed Christian’s mode of dressing should be a revelation of the Christian’s love for Christ. The principle is to be assumed as a revelation of the person’s love for Christ and not from an adoption of a legal demand handed down to them from the past centuries.
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When we consider the principle of the moral value or modesty of the reformed Christian dress, we must note quite importantly that the reformed Christian clothing should be of high moral value. As such the reformed Christian should choose the wear which will not be arousing the lustful desires of the human person. This teaching or recommendation is based on the biblical teachings according to the letters and epistles done by the apostles in the Christian faith. The reformed Christian clothing must not accentuate the body parts which will arouse and stimulate sexual desires. The clothing is actually a power to witness and a promoter of moral health.
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We will now take a look at the practicality of the reformed Christian clothing. It is often the case that many will tend to misinterpret this aspect to be a call to settle for the cheap and low quality clothing. However the practical and relevant Christian this is a misconception which must be corrected. The Christian desirous of practical clothing reflecting their reformed views must go for the clothes of high value and practical. Do not be led to think practicality and economy to mean the same thing as cheap and poor quality. The higher quality clothing will in the long run prove quite economical. Last but certainly not least is the characterization the clothing will give of the Christian. Do not select those clothing which will express your pride of life. The Christian clothing should be an expression of the inner person in the Christian who is clothed with simplicity, grace, and natural beauty. Therefore the reformed Christian clothing should be that which is a clear steer from worldly display as often seen in the transitory fashions.