Technology is advancing at a high rate that sometimes it almost feels like science fiction. Fifty years ago, the co-founder of Intel Corporation Inc. predicted that there would be a profound impact on the expectations of people about technology. Lately, there has been an improvement in different technological backgrounds such as animal cloning, space tourism, and other recent realities such as unmanned aircrafts. This advanced technology is capable of synchronizing with gadgets such as home appliances. Though some feels invention is not fast enough, investors such as Clay Alexander are working round the clock to make sure they come up with new and improved gadgets. Below are some of the things majority of the people wish would be invented:

Ø Teleporting machine – Everyone wants to get where they are going faster and in less time, although scientists have managed to teleport information using the principles of physics, they have not managed to teleport humans in real life. Teleportation machines would bring the new realities to life whereby you could vanish anytime and re-appear anywhere at any given timeline. It almost feels impossible but since information can be teleported, it is definitely possible to do the same to humans.

Ø A go-anywhere phone – By disregarding the fact that if you have money you can use a satellite phone anywhere as long as you can see the sky, using same mobile phone moving from country to country is impossible. Incompatibility of network coverage from different countries inhibits the use of mobile phones from any given place. For this reason, an invention of a go-anywhere phone would be a brilliant idea.

Ø Invention of electronic paper – Carrying around papers everywhere can be tiring. Its people’s wish there could be an easier way to download news or browse the web on paper. However, fixing electronic devices on papers would make them bulky and heavy but with a more profound innovative skill, they can be light and flexible regular papers. Linking to article, although Apple is rumored to be working on the innovation, they have not quite delivered the desired project for the past decade or so.

Ø A universal gadget – The biggest problem facing the society today is too many gadgets to juggle. Its everyone’s wish there could be a gadget that would contain all the necessary tools used in day-to-day activities such as mobile phone, I-pod, remote, charger just to mention a few. Nevertheless, it is quite possible if all the technology improved in the past years can be integrated in one multipurpose gadget.

Ø Invention of a universal language translator- It is unbelievable with all the sophisticated technology there is lack of a universal language translator gadget. For instance, you travel to Beijing today and the next day you pick another flight to Germany, unless you are well aware of both languages you will a hard time communicating. Although translation programs exist, we are still a long way from an electronic gadget capable of making foreign language instantly understandable.

From the earliest inventions of the Paleolithic eras to the latest improved advancements in technology, humans have shaped civilization and more so transformed life on earth. Capabilities and expectations in invention evolve day to day and new innovative thinkers are being born each day. It is therefore important to embrace technology and contribute in its inventions.